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Extreme Academy has one purpose in mind – to help educate and inspire the next generation of technologists and prepare them for the workplace.

Through Extreme Academy, participating organizations receive teaching resources, access to next generation technology, and the opportunity for their students to gain a qualification as an Extreme Networks Associate (XNA). The benefits don’t stop there, either:


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  • An industry recognized qualification
  • Greater job opportunities
  • Hands-on lab experience with the latest technology
  • Links with the industry and a leader in cloud networking
  • Future-proof skills to pursue a career in the fast-growing technology industry


  • Teaching resources funded by Extreme Networks
  • Access to the latest cloud networking technology
  • Partnership with a leading technology brand
  • Improved student employment options
  • A more diverse training portfolio
  • Increased links with industry professionals
  • An added draw for students

Extreme Academy: Overview Video

Discover why Extreme Academy was created and what this exciting new program offers you and your students.


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Trusted to Teach the Next Generation of Leaders

Future-forward Schools and Universities all over the world are interested in advancing their student curriculum with us.

“This partnership shares one overarching goal; educate and provide individuals with the relevant skills that employers both need and want. Our students will be the first in the country to graduate with industry specific certifications made possible by the Extreme Academy.”

Walter Iwanenko, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs, Gannon University, Inc.

“At Barnsley College, we pride ourselves on giving our students the best possible education and arming them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in tomorrow’s job market. The addition of an Extreme Academy classroom in our new SciTech Centre will be transformational for our college and will take our long-standing partnership with Extreme Networks to the next level. Together, we will provide essential training for our students and successfully set them up for their future careers.”

Azhar Iqbal
Director of IT, Barnsley College

“Technology has a fundamental role to play in ensuring students continue to learn, grow and lay the foundation for their future careers. Extreme Academy is yet another fantastic example of Extreme Networks enabling higher education organizations…to offer the best possible learning experience to their students.”

Matt Widdowson
Sales Director, NETprotocol

"When you have this type of curriculum coming to the table, we’re going to have students that are ready to get into the industry and are able to jump feet first and be productive on day one."

Jim Bahm
President and CEO, Networking Technologies

“Through Extreme Academy, students receive more than just educational courses. The program offers students hands-on practical exercises, connections with technology professionals, and the opportunity to earn industry certifications — all of which will help them stand out from peers.”

Dan Dulac
Vice President of Solutions Strategy, Extreme Networks

Academic Courses

Extreme Academy offers a range of courses designed to help students gain current and future networking skills, understand network design, and integrated security. Advanced topics include data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Flexible Course Delivery

Extreme Academy allows students and teachers to pick the course delivery model that works best for them. The curriculum is created so students can participate in lessons online or in a live classroom, depending on what best suits their needs.


Faculty members can use Extreme Academy Course Content to structure live, in-classroom lessons using the latest courseware and assignment lab guides.


Extreme Academy Instructors can deliver Extreme Academy course content remotely to teach vital skills in networking through video and virtual lab classes.

Become an Extreme Academy

Interested in expanding your curriculum and helping your students advance their careers? Become an Extreme Academy and gain access to educational resources that are at the forefront of technology.

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